Overquota for shipments refers to exceeding the allowed or allotted quantity of shipments, whether it be for a specific carrier or destination country. This can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as increased demand or unexpected delays. It's crucial for businesses to proactively monitor their shipment quotas and take necessary actions to avoid exceeding them, as it may result in additional charges, delays, or other operational challenges


  • Disruption of order fulfillment process

  • Delayed shipping and delivery times

  • Potential negative impact on customer satisfaction and brand reputation


You will be alerted about exceeding your shipment quota through email or in-app notifications on the shipment list or order details page.

To ensure seamless order fulfillment, we recommend upgrading to our higher plan. This will provide you with increased shipment quotas, preventing any disruptions in your order journey

  • Omega will send you email notifications and in-app messages to alert you when you are close to or have reached your monthly shipment limit.

  • In case you exceed the limit, Omega will still sync your orders' tracking numbers, but they will be kept in Pending mode until you update your settings.

  • You can trust that Omega will not overcharge you for surpassing your monthly limit.

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