Branded Customization

Customize the appearance and design of your tracking page to align with your brand's visual identity. With branded customization, you can create a consistent and cohesive brand experience for your customers throughout the tracking process.

Here's how you can use branded customization in Omega:


There are 2 themes to choose for your tracking page

Visual assets

Omega allows you to showcase up to three images on the tracking page, each with an accompanying link. This feature enables you to add visual content, such as product images, promotional banners, or other relevant visuals, to enhance the tracking experience for your customers.

Image required: 255px x 255px; Less than 1MB; Accepts .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif.

Lookup options

  • Tracking Number

  • Order Id & Tracking Number

  • Order ID

  • Phone Number

  • Email


Shipping info

  • Progress bar

  • Order details

  • Tracking logs

  • Map

  • Tracking company

Date and time format

Progress bar

  • Ordered

  • Order ready

  • In transit

  • Out for delivery

  • Delivered


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