Delivery Statuses of Shipments

Delivery statuses of shipments refer to the various stages or statuses that a shipment goes through during the process of being delivered to its destination. These statuses typically provide information about the current location and status of the shipment, allowing the sender, recipient, and other parties involved to track and monitor the progress of the shipment. Some common delivery statuses of shipments include:

Order StatusDescription


No tracking details available

Info received

The carrier received a shipping request and is about to pick up the shipment.

In transit

The shipment is on the way.

Out for delivery

The shipment has arrived at the local point and is about to be delivered.


The shipment has been delivered.

Failed attempt

The carrier attempted to deliver the shipment but failded.


The shipment might have been sent back to the sender, damaged, or lost.


No tracking details updated for 30 days for express service or 60 days for postal service.

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