💎Product Upsell

Product recommendations can help merchants upsell or cross-sell products to customers, thereby increasing the average order value and overall sales. By suggesting relevant and complementary products to customers, merchants can encourage additional purchases and boost their revenue.

Step-by-step guide

Follow the steps below to set up and customize your product recommendations:

  1. Click on Tracking page tab on the left navigation bar, go to Configuration, and choose Product Recommendations> Enable

  1. Write the title and select the type of product recommendation.

There are 3 types you can choose: All product/ Product type/ Product tags

  1. Click the checkbox to Enable and Save Changes

  1. Preview and test

It's recommended to preview and test the Product Recommendation feature on your tracking page to ensure that it is working as expected.

To view tracking page, go to Look & feel section and click on "Clickable preview"

You can view the tracking page as a customer would and verify that the product recommendations are displaying correctly and aligned with your desired settings

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