Shipment Management

The shipment management board in the order tracking process is a powerful feature offered by the Omega app. It provides store owners with a comprehensive overview of all their shipments in one centralized location, allowing for efficient and organized order management. With this feature, merchants can easily track, monitor, and manage their shipments, ensuring timely deliveries and improved customer satisfaction

How it works?

  1. 1.
    Click on Shipments from the left navigation sidebar.
  1. 2.
    Click on the shipment that you want more information about. A detailed view of that order will appear on the scream as shown in the screenshot below:

Order details

Each section of this page provides unique information to the store owners. We will explore each component of this page in this section.

Processing phase

You can view the different processing stages that an order has gone through. This includes information on the order's shipping status, starting from Pending mode, then progressing to In Transit, Out for Delivery, and ultimately to Delivered

Order/ Customer info

You can also access additional order information and customer details within the shipment management board. This includes vital information such as order number, shipping address, customer name, and contact information. This allows you to easily access relevant order and customer details in one central location
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