By leveraging analytics, merchants can make data-driven decisions, optimize their shipping processes, and enhance customer satisfaction
There are 5 types of Analytics reports:

Shipment report

  • Total shipment per a period
  • The number of shipments based on its status
  • The number of delivered/undelivered shipments based on the duration of transit time
  • The top 3 destinations most of the shipments were delivered to

Courier report

Extract the Top 3 couriers that
  • Are used the most based on the total shipments they have shipped
  • Are fastest based on the average shipping time they have used
  • Are most effective regarding the highest percentage of delivered shipments they have shipped
From these, the merchant could evaluate the couriers they are using and decide to continue using their top 3(s) or change their delivery partners.

Tracking page report

Tracking page analytics may include data on the number of visitors to the tracking page, the percentage of completed deliveries, average delivery times, popular search queries, customer feedback, and other relevant metrics

Customer reviews

If you enable the feature Reviews, you can view report for this part includes:
  • Star-rating chart
  • Total review overtime
  • Additional comment overtime

NPS report

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