Keyword blacklisting on the tracking page is a powerful tool that enables merchants to prevent certain words or phrases from being displayed in the tracking information or replace them with keywords of choice. This feature is very useful for drop shippers as many customers tend to worry when the order origin is too far from them or has China origin.

To enable the Keyword blacklist feature:

  1. Go to Omega Order Tracking app > Tracking Page > Configuration > Blacklisting

  2. Click on “Enable”

Step-by-step guide

To hide and/or replace the country or region, the step-by-step guide has been divided into two sections:

  • Replace locations

  • Search and replace words

Replace locations

You can replace a location with:

  • Empty location

  • Another city

Empty location

To replace the origin country with an empty location of your choice, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Empty location”

  2. Type in & scroll to find the country or region you want to filter

When a customer searches for the package, the chosen region/location will be hidden from your tracking page.

Another City

To replace the origin country with a location of your choice, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Another city”

  2. In the field Country or region to be replaced, select the country name(s) or region to be replaced on the tracking page. For example, China is selected in the example below. You can choose multiple countries/regions to be replaced.

  3. In the field Search and replace with country or region, select the country to be replaced with. For example, China will be replaced with Berlin, Germany in the image below.


There is also an option to blacklist a whole region. For example, if you select Asia, all countries located in Asia will be replaced with your selected location.

After selecting a country or region to be replaced, the software will automatically mask all the cities of the masked country with the provided location or all the countries belonging to the area to be concealed, with a location of your choice. You don’t need to add them separately.

For example, suppose you have masked China and replaced it with Berlin and there’s tracking information that has Guangzhou (a city in China) in it. In that case, Omega Order Tracking will automatically detect that Guangzhou is in China and will replace it with Berlin. The same will apply to Shanghai, Chengdu, Dongguan, and any other city within China.

Search and replace words

  1. In the Blacklisting section, click on “Add new line”.

  2. A popup will appear. In the Find field, specify the carrier's name or any word you want to change.

Sometimes, China will be displayed on the tracking page as "CN", which can't be automatically filtered out by setting on Replace locations section. To ensure filter all China-related keywords, add the keyword "CN" in the Search and Replace words section.

  1. In the Replace field, type the words you want to appear as a replacement.

For example:

Type “YunExpress” in Find and “In transit” in Replace. This will change the keyword of “YunExpress” to “In Transit” so whenever someone searches for YunExpress, they will see In Transit instead.

Type “front door” in Find and “home address” in Replace. This will replace the phrase front door with home address.

  1. Click “Save”.

The change will be updated automatically on your tracking page.

Understand RegEx to find & replace

The find and replace feature requires an exact match between the word to be found and the word in a match. For instance, if you're looking for the word "YunExpress," the find and replace function will only replace instances of "YunExpress” and not other variations like "yunexpress" "YUNEXPRESS" or "YunExPress" with different capitalization.

If you wish to replace all of these variations with the term "International courier" you would need to manually perform the find and replace operation three times, once for each variation.

To simplify this process, you can utilize a regular expression (RegEx) by specifying it as "/yunexpress/i" as below. This will allow you to find and replace all variations of "YunExpress" with "International courier"

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