Unlock the power of email notifications with Omega! Now, you can seamlessly sync, send, and track emails directly from our app. Keep your customers informed and organized, all in one place.

Step-by-step guide

Setting up Sender Info

Step 1: Select Notifications from the left navigation sidebar > Email

Note: If you're using the older version of Email notifications, consider upgrading to the newest version for the best experience.

Step 2: Choose your sender email

  • no-reply@omegatheme.com: This is the default sender email. We will use the email address no-reply@omegatheme.com to send messages to your customers. You can send notifications to your customers with connecting your email.

Beware if you choose this option, your customer wonโ€™t be able to reply to your email.

  • Use your email as senderโ€™s: This allows you to connect your email to send messages.

To enable this option, insert your email address and send name. Turn on โ€œNotify to merchantโ€ if you want to also send the notification to yourself. Then click submit.

  • Go to your email and click on the verify link.

Reload the page to see your email status update. The green badge meaning your email has been verified.

Set up the email configuration

Enable/disable email notifications

Go to Email Templates box > Switch on and off triggers to choose the stage you want to send notifications.

Or click on the "Action" button and customize each email notification & flexible turn on/off notifications right on the email templates

Sending Rule: When shipment status changes, an email notification will be triggered automatically.

You can also set which notification you want to send to yourself in the Email Template section

Edit email templates

Click on the action button to open the email templates editor mode

You can easily switch between different templates in the editor mode

Note: Save your changes before switching to another template.

To edit the subject of the email, click on the subject box and click save.

With variable tags, you can dynamically insert order-specific information such as order number, tracking number, customer name, and more into your email templates. This enables you to create highly personalized and relevant emails that provide customers with real-time updates about their orders, while also providing merchants with valuable information about the status and progress of each order.

To insert variable, click on "Insert tags" button and copy variable to flexibly add to your email content.

After finish your email draft, scroll down to the end of the page > click on the eye icon for Preview

If you want to undo your work, either click on "Reset to default" to start over again or click Redo/Undo at the end of the editor page.

To see how the email turns out in the mailbox, send a test email to yourself. Click "send test email" in the upper left corner to send the test email.

When you are happy with the result, click on "Save template" at the end of the page.

Email history

This section allows you to check & filter email notification data by tracking status, date, and page.

Notifications > Email history > Choose time range for data.

For more information, click on the order to open the pop-up.

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