🚩Courier Mapping

  1. Click on Settings tab on the left navigation bar, go to Courier Mapping

  1. Start to set up Preferred courier/ Courier mapping

Preferred courier

When a new tracking number is added to the system, Omega will first check the preferred courier list set by the merchant to determine which courier should be detected for that tracking number. This feature helps merchants ensure that their preferred courier is prioritized for tracking updates, ensuring accurate and timely tracking information for their shipments

Courier mapping

For example, if the system automatically detects the courier as "A," but the merchant wants to display "B" as the courier on the tracking page, they can use this feature to replace the actual courier with "B." This feature gives merchants the flexibility to customize the displayed courier information to align with their preferred couriers or specific shipping arrangements

  1. Input the original courier in the field Actual courier

  2. Input the replaced courier you want to show on tracking page in the field Shopify courier

Based on your previous order, we have detected orders having tracking number fulfilled with courier name that does not match the actual courier, we suggest the following mapping.

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